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South Glamorgan (Cardiff) Branch

Branch Chairs: Janet Haines AICB & Nicola Payne AICB 

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Cheshire and North Wales Branch

Branch Chair: Magali Lovell-Pascal AICB

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An interview with the Regional Chair:

1. How many branches do you have within the region? 
We only have one at the moment as it is still very new, but we are hoping to get others around the region up and running very soon.

2. How long has your region been up and running?
We are still in the 'infancy stage' and have had 2 meetings so far this year with the third on the 12th June.

3. How often do you meet?
Generally every 2 months

4. What do you discuss? 
We start with an informal meet and greet and then move on to what we have called the 'technical slot'. So far, this has been presented by members of the group, but we hope to have external speakers soon to enlighten us on other interesting aspects of the financial world.

5. How have you progressed?
We have seen a keen interest in the meetings so far. Everyone participates which is very important because after all, the meetings are for the members, about the members.

6. What are the benefits for people who attend?
Nobody knows everything, but as a group we value the experience that each other has and we can all learn from each other whether you're a member or still studying.

7. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about attending for the first time?
Come along, we don't bite. Cardiff has a really good bunch of people that would not only make them feel welcome but they could also gain a lot of information from other members. They won't be able to wait until the next one.

8. What makes your region special?
This may sound corny but it has to be the members. Without them there wouldn't be a group. Oh and coffee and biscuits goes down well too.

9. What networking opportunities are there?
Plenty, there's a chance to network the room or even arrange a follow up meeting. We also have each other's email addresses to contact if need be.

10. What are your visions for the future?
To get Wales back on the map. I would like to open the next groups possibly in and around Wrexham, Builth Wells, or Aberystwyth and then further North to Llandudno or Porthmadog. Who knows where we'll open up next. It depends on where the members would like a group. So come on the Welsh! Let me know where you are by posting on the'Wales' section of the forum.