Regional Chair: Paula Veysey Smith FICB

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City of London Branch

Branch Chairs: Mr Ameet Sedha MICB and Julie Branham FICB PM.Dip

Julie and Ameet, London Branch Chairs

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East and West Sussex Branch

Branch Chair: Claire Allen C.FICB

Job title: Senior Partner, Team 4 Solutions LLP

Hobbies: Running, cycling, Pilates, socialising with friends and spending time with my family

When I started the branch in May of 2012, I already knew a number of ICB members in the local area who had expressed an interest in meeting up and networking. Since then we’ve grown and developed a core of regular attendees who have all become good friends; including both students and people in practice. Our meetings are in a lovely venue, where we all sit down and have a meal together after a long day at work. We make a point of welcoming new attendees and making sure they feel looked after!

It’s a great way to make new friends but it’s also a valuable opportunity to develop professionally. Our members have a wide range of experiences and are excellent sources of useful information on developing your own business or bookkeeping practice. It can even help you get a job! Some of our members pass on work less suited to them to other members; others even employ each other. It’s excellent to have a support base in the profession and to feel part of the ICB. We encourage one another and make sure we’re all up to date with developments at ICB headquarters.

I’m happy to say some people get so much out of the meetings that they’re happy to travel from outside of the East Sussex catchment area to come along.

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Branch Chair: Jacqueline Tetley FICB PM.Dip

Enfield Branch Chair Jacqueline Tetley

Welcome our Enfield Branch. The Enfield meetings are currently a little spaced and infrequent, so check the website regularly for updates. We would like to go bi-monthly in the very near future and will be staying on Zoom for a little longer, but hope to make the Enfield Branch a place where we can share knowledge and discuss issues and hot topics in a comfortable friendly environment.

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West Kent (Sevenoaks)

Branch Chair: Paula Veysey Smith C.FICB

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