Avon Branch

Branch Chair: Mike Johnson FICB

Job title: Proprietor of Accounting Link 

Hobbies: Sailing – cruising, dinghy racing and coaching juniors

Having attended local meetings organised by local accountants, I realised there was a real need for ICB members to have a local and regular meeting point in Avon. I wanted to create an environment where members and students could attend presentations on bookkeeping topics, meet and network with fellow bookkeepers and learn about new and exciting prospects.

In a moment of madness I volunteered to start the Avon Branch and in April 2012 the first Avon Branch meeting took place! The meetings have become a social event where ICB members of all levels of ability and experience are able to come together to advance their bookkeeping career.

Thanks to the local ICB members the branch has become very well established with an average of 27 members attending each meeting. The dedication of myself and the members became evident when we won the 2013 Branch of Year Award – it was a moment I will never forget!

Members and students that are part of the Avon community have gained confidence through interacting with other members with a wide range of knowledge and experience. We are currently developing a job-shop where referrals from outside sources are posted on a shared database. Members are already reaping the benefits!

The Avon Branch is full of friendly, professional bookkeepers with a great sense of humour which makes every meeting a joy at be part of. 

The Avon Branch meets on a quaterly basis.

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Devon (Exeter) Branch 

Branch Chair: Caryl Gibson FICB

Branch Chair Caryl Gibson

Job title: Managing Director of Garden Capital Ltd

Our  meetings are held every other month on Zoom at present but we're hoping to meet in person again later this year. We used to meet in Ashburton and I am hoping we can meet again there soon.

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