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Berkshire Branch

Branch Chair: Sylvia Bourhill C.FICB

Job title: Owner Another Answer Books and Accounts

Hobbies: I lead the local 11-13 year old church youth group, walk my dog, read, cycle and sit around watching Midsummer Murders.

I started bookkeeping back in 2002, after a decade of missionary work in the Ivory Coast. Back then it was a bit of a change of pace, as you can probably imagine! Now though I’m well settled and, 2 years ago, I decided to take up the mantle of Branch Chair.

I think that everyone at the branch can be very proud of what we’ve achieved since then. We have a truly fantastic venue, the Berkshire College of Agriculture, and we’ve been increasing in size ever since we started. Last year I won Branch Chair of the Year, which I was particularly proud of! I’m very grateful to everyone at the branch for all the work they’ve put in over the last year to make our meetings so inclusive and constructive. We’ve steadily developed a large group of people who turn up to all the meetings, which hopefully means we’re doing something right.

It’s a great opportunity to network with other members. Students have an opportunity to improve their skillset by learning from people in practice, and everyone has an opportunity to continue their own professional development by learning from one another. The stimulus of meeting with other professionals is invaluable – some members have even found employment through one another!

Similarly there is a lot to be gained from listening to the speakers we bring in. We’ve had some excellent speakers in the past year, including some local accountants who’ve done interactive discussions and an informative representative from ICB who came to talk on auto-enrolment. 

I’m really excited about the direction the branch is going in at the moment. We’re growing and really developing as a community. Please get involved as soon as you can – everyone here is delighted to welcome new members!

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Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Branch

Branch Chair: Carol Webb FICB PM.DIP

Job title: Cashtrak LTD

The Oxfordshire Branch meets once a month and the Buckinghamshire Branch meets every two months.

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