Throughout the apprenticeship period you will gain skills and knowledge as you work and study. At the end of this period, ICB will assess your competence through an 'end-point assessment' to determine if you can be awarded a Certifcate of Apprenticeship.

Assistant Accountant apprenticeship:

The end-point assessment has two parts:

1) A synoptic end-test covering the knowledge and skills gained throughout the on-programme stage and detailed in the standard.

2) A portfolio and reflective discussion which will comprise a range of evidence produced in the work-place to show that the Apprentice has met the knowledge, skills and behaviours detailed in the standard. The reflective discussion will be a structured interview to examine this evidence and the learner journey in more detail. 

The Portfolio should cover, not only the technical elements of your work, but also demonstrate how you are developing personal skills such as working in a team, time management, communication and planning. This portfolio will be assessed and verified by ICB as the Independent Assessment Organisation.

The Synoptic Test will be completed in a designated assessment centre under supervision. The assessment will take the form of a number of practical tasks and you will have the chance to take a practice mock in preparation for the final test. Entry for this test will not be made until the employer, in conjunction with the training provider, agree that you are ready. If you have any special considerations please ensure that your training provider or employer notifies us well in advance with the relevant documentary evidence so that allowances for individual needs can be met.

The results of the Portfolio, Reflective Discussion and Synoptic Test will be combined to give you a final achievement for your apprenticeship. 

Payroll Administrator apprenticeship:

The end-point assessment has three parts:

1. Multiple-Choice questions
2. The Role Simulation
3. The Professional Discussion

The combination of the three parts of the End-Point Assessment are designed to test the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours detailed in the published Standard to the extent that ICB is satisfied that you are competent in the Payroll Administrator job role.

For further details please email or telephone 0203 405 4000 and ask to speak to the apprenticeship department.


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