Apply online or over the phone

Students and members can apply for assessments and order mock papers either online or by telephone. Your course provider may cover the cost of your assessments and have to make the booking for you, so you should always check with them first before booking.

NOTICE: The Level III Diploma in Payroll Management and Level III Diploma in Self Assessment Tax are tax-year specific. Please ensure you select the appropriate tax year upon booking. ICB takes no responsibility in the event that you select an assessment for which you have not studied and ICB will not be able to transfer you to an alternative assessment after booking. In this event you will be required to make a new booking.

Booking Online

Log in to MyICB and select Book Exam from the menu.  

If you would like to order a mock paper please visit the Shop 

This service is available 24 hours a day.  

Booking by Telephone

Please call us on:

0203 405 4000

Our office hours are:

Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30 



Your ICB membership or student registration must be current. If you are not already an ICB member or student you need to Register as a Student with ICB before you can book an ICB assessment. If you are studying with an ICB Accredited Training Provider (ATP) they will take care of your registration and assessment bookings for you and you should contact them. 

Most ICB assessments need to be completed in order so you will find that you can only book certain assessments. For a full list of assessments and their entry requirements please visit Current Qualifications.

Where will I take the assessment?

Assessments are either home-based or centre-based.

Home-based assessments are taken from the comfort of your own home or office. It's very important that you protect yourself from any distractions and that you do not ask others for help whether in person or online.

Centre-based assessments are taken at your choice of one of ICB's 5200 centres worldwide. You can search for your nearest centre via our third-party booking site You will also use this site to book your assessment but you cannot do so until you are eligible and have been issued a special usernname.

For more information please visit:

Taking an assessment at home

Taking an assessment at a centre

Who books the assessment?

If you are studying with one of our Accredited Training Providers (ATPs) they will advise you when you are ready to take an assessment. Please do not attempt to take any assessment until you have their agreement as they wish to ensure you have successfully completed all studies with them first and are ready to be assessed. Your ATP may book you in or they will advise you to contact us directly.

If you are a studying independently you can book assessments either online or by telephone as soon as you are ready.

When can I take the assessment?

ICB assessments are available in every week of the year.

If you have an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) please contact them to determine the date of your assessment. If you are studying independently you can book your assessments at any time either online or by telephone.

Home-based assessments are available to you to complete immediately upon booking. You will be emailed a link to complete the assessment online which must be accessed within two weeks of the booking. 

For important details please visit:

Taking an assessment at home

Centre-based assessments need to be booked at least a week in advance and you will need to choose an available date convenient to you when you make the booking. You need a special username to book your centre-based assessment via our third-party booking site As soon as you pass sufficient assessments to apply for your centre-based assessment, we will send you an email containing your username. If you have not received this email please call ICB on 0203 405 4000 to have your email resent. 

For important details please visit:

Taking an assessment at a centre  

To find out which assessments are home-based and which are centre-based please visit:

Current Qualifications

Can I cancel?

Home-based assessments may only be cancelled under special circumstances and you must contact ICB as soon as possible to discuss this. 

Centre-based assessments can be cancelled or transferred five working days prior to the assessment. Cancellations must be made directly via the third-party booking site or by calling Pearson Vue on the number provided on your booking confirmation email.

Can I retake an assessment?

Yes. Because ICB assessments are available in every week of the year you can retake your assessment as soon as you're ready, but you must wait for a period of 24 hours before re-booking. After three failed attempts (two attempts for Payroll and all Taxation papers) a candidate may not re-apply for an assessment for a period of six months from the date of the last examination taken or until the new season's assessment papers are available.

You will be required to pay the standard assessment fee for your retake.  



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