You will receive your results within just 28 days and often you'll have them immediately

Most ICB assessments are marked immediately and your result will be viewable straight away in MyICB. Results may take up to 28 days for the following papers only:

For the 2014-2018 syllabus core papers:

Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping: Paper B3

Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts: Paper BA4

Level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounts: Paper ABA8 

For the 2019 syllabus core papers:

Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping: Paper A3

Other Qualifications (all years)

Level III Diploma in Payroll Management

There may also be periods of time when the results of computer marked papers will also be held over pending a verification process. This normally happens when new examinations are released. The instructions at the start of each paper will identify when this is happening.

Please note our customer service team does not have access to your result so is unable to discuss your mark over the telephone or by email.

Assessment Feedback


For most assessments (and online mock papers) you will see an automatically generated 'report' of your results. Automatically generated reports are available for the following assessments:

2014-18 syllabus core papers:

Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping: Papers B1 & B2

Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts: Papers BA4 - online section only, BA5 & BA6

2019 Syllabus core papers:

Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping: Papers A1 and A2

Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeepering and Accounts: Papers M4, M5, M6 and M7

Other qualifications:

Level III Diploma in Payroll Management - online section only

Level III Diploma in Self Assessment Tax Returns

Level III Diploma in Costing and Budgeting

The report is available on completion of the paper and will show you which sections of the paper were answered incorrectly. You will not see the exact questions that you answered incorrectly but you will see feedback comments which should help you to understand where errors might have occurred. The full content of your assessment paper will not be disclosed as it remains a 'live paper' in circulation.

For mock papers the feedback report is more comprehensive and you will be able to view the paper that you completed showing each question, the answer that you gave and the correct answer that should have been given. If you leave any paper before printing out this report then you can access it again by visiting MyICB.

ICB does not offer further feedback in relation to online reports and will not disclose the questions or answers on papers.

Please note at present ICB does not offer feedback on externally taken papers. 

For all other papers (plus the sections of papers that contain the requirement to produce reports from a software package) a report can be produced but this will need to be written individually and hence there will be a fee for this. Please contact ICB if you wish to order such a report. To request an examiner report please contact ICB on 0203 405 4000. There is a charge of £25.00 payable at this point by credit or debit card.

Examiner Reports are only available if the result of the paper was issued no more than one year ago.

Querying your result

 Following an unexpected result you can make a query for a review using our formal process. 

If a candidate is of the belief that marks have been incorrectly allocated or missed, or that ICB's normal procedures have not been applied, the candidate must contact ICB requesting a review of the marking of the paper. Contact must be made in writing or by email to The candidate will be sent an application form which shoudl be completed, detailing the examination taken, stating if there are any particular tasks/questions they wish ICB to investigate, and provide payment of £25.00. 

If your mark is amended as a result of the marking review you will receive a refund of the fee. 



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