Your assessment. When and where you want.

Home-Based Assessments

All assessments are completed at home with the exception of Papers BA7 & ABA9 from the 2014-2018 syllabus and Paper M8 from the 2019 syllabus which are taken at an external centre under formal invigilation.

You can log in to MyICB and select Book Exam to book assessments for which you are eligible. You become eligible for an assessment by completing any preceding assessments and by having ICB student registration or membership. You may need to book your assessments through your Accredited Training Provider (ATP).

For further details about the qualification structure please visit:

Current Qualifications

When and where are the assessments?

Home-based assessments can be completed anywhere that you can connect securely to the internet and open your emails.

All home-based assessments are available immediately upon booking with details sent to your registered email address. Your booking confirmation email will provide a link to your online assessment. You will complete the assessment online.

What do I need to complete my assessment at home?

You will need access to the internet and your emails for all home-based assessments. If your assessment requires you to use accounting software you will need to supply your own.*

You must complete and submit your assessment within 14 days of booking or your assessment will expire and become void. If you do not attempt your assessment within the 14 days your attempt will be graded as a Fail and you will be required to pay to resit. 

Immediately upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. The email will be sent to your registered email address and you should check your SPAM/Junk folders if your email does not arrive as expected.

*For the computerised bookkeeping assessments, candidates must have their own accounting software package. Any accounting software package can be used but Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets are not appropriate. ICB would advise candidates to exercise caution when using trial versions of accounting software which might offer restricted functionality. For example, a standard Sage trial version does not permit the user to print out the requisite reports.

Time Allowed 

Whilst you can go online to take your home-based assessment at any point within 14 days of booking, once you have started it you must complete it within the time allowed for that assessment. 

ICB cannot be held responsible for loss of internet access, computer breakdown or any other problem arising from technical issues on the candidate’s personal computer. You must therefore ensure you have sufficient facilities to complete the assessment within the allotted time-frame before applying.

Some assessments last for two hours. You will not be able to pause the assessment and must complete the work in one sitting. Your assessment might time-out if it is left idle for too long. 

Some assessments require you to complete online questions as well as upload reports generated in your accounting software package. These assessments normally last for 24 hours and during this period you may log in and log out as many times as you wish. Please note that any files required to be uploaded for marking must be submitted within the 24-hour period. 

Some assessments last for a period of 48 hours and during this time you may log in and log out as many times as you wish in order for you to complete any required research that you may need to carry out. 


For online assessments, your results will normally be available immediately in your MyICB account. For assessments which involve the marking of uploaded files, results will be available within 28 days. Certificates will be issued within 28 days of results being made available. 


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