During the Coronavirus pandemic you can take all of your ICB bookkeeping exams at home

During the Coronavirus pandemic our centre-based M8 exam can be taken from home. We have partnered with a company that enables us to invigilate remotely over the internet and have ‘virtual’ eyes and ears in the room with you when you take the exam.

You have full flexibility to take the exam whenever it suits you: weekday or weekend; morning, noon or night. 

To book your M8, please call our friendly exams team on 0203 405 4000

Taking your M8 bookkeeping exam at home

The exam itself is two hours long and you can start it at any time from 6am on your exam day until 4am the next morning.

So that we can invigilate you, you’ll need to share your computer screen with us and film yourself using a webcam on your computer, and on your smartphone or tablet. 

M8 Exam Video Demo

Here's a short video to show you how easy it is to get set up for your M8 bookkeeping exam:

You can find more information on proctored exams here.

M8 Exam Requirements

Please call us to book your M8 exam once you've passed your M7. We'll ask you what day you want to take your exam and talk you through the requirements. Before you take the exam you'll go through a step by step system check to make sure everything's in place.

You must have access to the following to take your M8:

  • Quiet Space
    You’ll need a quiet space at home where you can guarantee yourself a little over two hours without interruption

  • Photo ID
    You’ll be asked to show ID that’s in date and shows your name and photograph. We can accept a current passport, photocard driving licence or government-issued ID card. Please see more info below

  • Steady Internet Connection
    As with all our exams, you’ll need a steady internet connection (wifi will be required for mobile streaming) with a minimum upload speed of 1MB/sec

  • Computer with webcam
    You can use either a desktop or laptop computer and, if it doesn’t have an inbuilt webcam, you’ll need to plug one in

  • Chrome browser and screensharing extension
    You don’t need to install software onto your computer, but please use the Google Chrome browser and add the ProctorExam extension in order to share your screen during your exam

  • A smartphone or tablet
    You’ll use your smartphone or tablet to show us your exam environment and to film yourself from across the room during the exam. During the system check you’ll be guided through downloading the ProctorExam app


We've produced a handy pdf guide for when you've booked your M8 and you want to see all the steps you'll go through leading up to taking the exam.

PDF ICONStep by Step Guide to booking and taking M8


M8 Exam Rules

  • Your exam must be your own work
  • You are not permitted to access any resources such as textbooks, pre-written notes or websites during your exam
  • You should not speak to anyone or leave your desk during the exam unless there is an emergency situation that requires your attention
  • You are allowed to print this Guide to refer to whilst taking your exam
  • You are allowed to use a non-programmable calculator
  • You are allowed to have 5 sheets of blank A4 paper and a pen/pencil to carry out your calculations. You will be required to show each side of this Guide and both sides of the five sheets of A4 paper up to your webcam at the start of your exam and AGAIN at the end of your exam PRIOR to finishing
  • No other materials are permitted


M8 ID Requirements

You must have in-date ID showing your photograph, name and signature. Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • A valid signed Passport
  • A valid signed Photo Driving Licence (full or provisional)
  • A valid signed government-issued National Identification Card
  • A valid signed UK Biometric Residence Permit

Your ID must show your photo and your name as it appears on your ICB account. You can check this by visiting MyICB or calling us on 0203 405 4000.